An Opportunity to Reset

2014 year celebration with fireworks

Every day is a reset day, but January 1 is the ultimate reset day. You get to start off a new year with new goals and new opportunities. Before last year was even over, some people had already come up with their New Year’s resolutions. According to, these are the top 5 resolutions for […]

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The Day Christmas Changed For Me Forever

The Blakeley Family

I was 10 years old when the meaning of Christmas changed forever. It had been an exciting December of 1966 with the Cowboys driving toward an NFC Championship date with the Packers and my Dad coaching St. Marks High School to the Dr. Pepper Holiday Basketball Tournament Finals. Mom was busy decorating the house and […]

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Homemade Tree


My fondest memories of Christmas recall a family tradition that is virtually lost today.  Cutting and decorating the tree. How is this a lost tradition you may ask?  Well, nothing about our tree was store-bought. First of all, our trees came from a friends ranch in Comanche, Texas where we gathered with other families to […]

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Time To Reflect


I’m one of the few people that actually enjoyed “Icemaggedon 2013” in Dallas. It gave me time to reflect, and it reminded me of some important things… – I’m blessed with a beautiful home – with electricity, heat and running water. – I LOVE to decorate for Christmas. – I consider it a gift to […]

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Cherish Your Personal Fruitcake

Amanda's Family (from the 80's)

Fair warning for any of you about to read this post – I’m going to talk about fruitcake.  Go ahead, get your obligatory fruitcake joke out of the way now, but know that it won’t in any way deter me from continuing my lifelong love affair with the confection. I’m not talking about your run […]

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Some Of The Best Memories


For me, holiday memories are some of the best because they are sweet, rich memories of my family – those precious people who have always meant love and life and joy to me in a million different ways. My earliest memories are those of my mom’s family and their family reunions. Initially they bounced from […]

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The Tree


One of my fondest memories growing up was always decorating our tree.  I fondly remember the boxes of ornaments that would suddenly appear, the white tissue paper they were wrapped in, and, of course, hearing the  phrase, “Be careful with that one because if you drop it, it can’t be replaced.” What I loved most […]

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Reflect And Be Thankful


The end of the year garners a whole host of differing emotions for me for different reasons. As a fundraiser, the holiday season means I stay extremely busy connecting with as many donors as I can. It can be a very stressful time, and I’m sure you can relate! We all understand the need to […]

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U.S. Department of the Treasury Building

As I sat on a plane this month headed to Washington, D.C. to visit one of our amazing clients, I suddenly realized this was my first time back to our nation’s capital since a summer internship in the Senate years ago. Whoa! It’s crazy how God works! As a wide-eyed nineteen year-old, I set foot […]

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Holiday Musings Of A Nonprofit Leader

Over the course of my career, on two occasions I have served as Director of Marketing and Development for nonprofit organizations.  Because of this, I can completely identify with the concerns and angst many nonprofit leaders feel as a year rapidly draws to a close.  It was during a similar time for me that I […]

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