Give Back to the Things That Shape You

Alpha Sigma Tau Southeastern Oklahoma State University Homecoming 2013

I’m a firm believer in giving back to the people and places that made you the person you are today. Parents, friends, pastors, schools, organizations, and countless others impact our lives along the road, and we must always remember to give back in order for these same influences to pass to the next generation. In [...]

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Athletics Fundraising – Where is Our Next Generation of Donors?

From Amanda's Seat at Notre Dame Stadium

As a student at Notre Dame, football games were as much a part of fall in South Bend as the changing leaves and the first snow. It was a given, a guarantee, that we would all put on “The Shirt” and faithfully show up at the stadium on Saturday. These days I turn on the [...]

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Who is Brad Andrews?

There are a number of talents required to pull together a great communication piece that will move a donor to support a cause. Data evaluation and sound strategy are needed for the creative execution to truly do its work. When a donor development strategy is brought to life visually and possesses the power to move [...]

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Direct Mail Is Alive and Well!


We released our newest whitepaper this week titled, “Direct Mail Is Alive and Well!“. In this paper, Becca Gregory, EVP, client strategy, explains the necessity of integrating communications streams across multiple channels, as well as the factors that will positively increase donor response and total revenue. Be sure to click over and gain (free) access to [...]

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Who is Robbin Wilson?


Donor development strategies are not easy to devise. One must utilize their ability to view a mission at 30,000 feet while paying attention to the details right in front of them. In my experience at Pursuant I have found that the best strategists are those people that possess this ability while having a servant’s heart [...]

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The Mega Gift!


As a new member of the Pursuant Family, I’m honored to write my first blog post.  Since I’ve been with the company for about five minutes, I figured I’d share my favorite accomplishment from my days at Chaminade, my high school alma mater where I had the privilege to serve as director of advancement for [...]

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Bunch Ball Fundraising

Jeff's daughter, Simone, honing her soccer skills before a game.

My three-year-old daughter recently started youth soccer, which means I’m becoming familiar with the phenomenon called “bunch ball.” For those who haven’t witnessed this first hand, the scene is not hard to imagine: the ball traveling up and down the field surrounded by a dozen little Ronaldos, all jockeying for control. Parents of preschoolers treat [...]

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Who is Kat Hoerth?


Pursuant is proud to welcome Cathe “Kat” Hoerth as a senior copywriter. Recently, I sat down with Kat to learn how her talent was developed and why fundraising is her calling. Believe me when I say she is the real deal. Endless talent, true heartfelt passion…basically an individual that represents what an ideal Pursuant team [...]

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The Challenges (and Joy) of Year-End


Fall has always been my favorite season. The cool weather, the clothes, pumpkin everything – seriously, what’s not to like? When I started working at Pursuant, though, the season took on a whole new meaning. Year-end fundraising was (and still is) like nothing I had ever experienced. It actually reminds me of a joke my [...]

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It’s a Marshmallow World – The Reward for Waiting


It’s a Marshmallow World in the Winter was the first holiday song that I remember picking out as sheet music. It seemed that all of the songs I wanted to learn how to play, all the cool songs, were songs found on sheet music. Thing was, my parents wouldn’t purchase sheet music on my behalf [...]

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