10 Things Every Nonprofit Should Know about Gift Officer Accountability

gift officers

In the world of annual giving, fundraising metrics are standard fare. However, many nonprofits struggle to establish the same disciplines for their major giving program as those found in annual giving—even though the stakes are often higher. For example, just a 10 percent decline in the number of major gift donors can result in a […]

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9 Ways Technology Is Changing Your Nonprofit’s Engagement Strategy

You can’t go a single day without noticing the way technology has changed our society over the past decade. The iPhone and Twitter didn’t exist 10 years ago. Today, the average iPhone user checks their phone 150 times a day and Twitter has over 255 million active monthly users. This change has forced brands and […]

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3 Essential Ingredients of Effective Donor Acquisition Premiums

If you were to line up 100 Chief Development Officers and ask them what their top three development needs are, you’d probably find “acquisition” on 90 percent or more of their lists. However, acquiring new donors has become increasingly difficult over the past decade. Not only has the economy affected people’s ability to give, but […]

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10 Tips to Adjust Your Nonprofit Communications for CASL


There has been a lot of talk and speculation about how Canada’s new anti-spam legislation is going to affect nonprofits. Our team has been working hard to sort through all of the legal jargon and identify the most important things nonprofits should know when it comes to avoid violations of any of the new laws. […]

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Are RFPs Limiting Your Fundraising Success?

request for proprosal

I’ve spent the bulk of my career in philanthropy. We issued countless RFPs during my tenure with two large, national, multi-affiliate organizations. And since joining Pursuant, I’ve been part of the team that’s responsible for responding to RFPs. It goes without saying that oftentimes an RFP is an organizational requirement. Unfortunately, the RFP appears to […]

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10 Ways Nonprofits Can Shift from “Pushing” to “Pulling”

Our society is living through one of the biggest shifts since the industrial revolution. For brands and nonprofits, this has forced us to rethink the way we engage our audience and motivate people to act. Gone are the days of earning attention through mass advertising. Pushing our message onto people doesn’t work anymore. It’s simply […]

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Let’s Address the Real Reasons Giving Has Plateaued

nonprofit giving plateued.

Total giving to nonprofits has been stuck at around 2 percent of the GDP for the last 40 years. What’s going on? Why haven’t nonprofits gripped and motivated more Americans to give to their worthy causes? 4 Reasons Giving Has Plateaued That Few People Are Discussing While there might be many factors impacting overall giving, […]

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Case Study: Revealing Donor Interest can Dramatically Impact Fundraising

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 3.32.03 PM

Here’s something that successful nonprofit leaders and development directors understand when it comes to making the ask: It’s all about the relationship! The more you can connect  your cause to the donor’s specific passions and interests, the more successful you will be when it comes time to engage them as a donor ask them to […]

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Why Nonprofit Leaders Fail to Make a Significant Impact

nonprofit leadership

Do you ever get the sense that your fundraising efforts aren’t meeting their full potential? Do you wonder what can be done about it? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you’re not alone. Today, thousands of nonprofit leaders around the world are working to create an impact. Unfortunately, many of them are […]

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Our Best Fundraising Advice for the Second Half of 2014


Regardless of your fiscal budget, the second half of the year is an incredibly important time for every nonprofit. The second half of the year can fly by in an instant. And if you don’t have a plan, it’s possible that you can look up in December and not be any closer to achieving your […]

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