Week in Review: Interesting Insights on Improving Donor Retention


Donor retention is an increasingly popular (and important) topic for nonprofits, especially at the beginning of the year. Today, we want to share a few of our favorite resources from around the web when it comes to improving your donor retention rates: How to Measure Your True Donor Retention Rates Exclusively focusing on dollars raised, […]

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How to Overcome Fundraising Challenges by Balancing Art and Science

012215 balance

The fundraising landscape is changing rapidly and the challenges facing many of today’s nonprofit organizations have never been greater. At the same time, many nonprofit leaders are facing expectations that have never been higher. Fundraising professionals feel increasing pressure to provide results to both their boards and the individual donors who want to know that […]

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Is Your Nonprofit Ready for the Big Data Boom?

012115 big data

Big data has become an increasingly popular topic of conversation across the nonprofit landscape. Almost every nonprofit organization monitors recency, frequency, and monetary value (RFM) data. More and more organizations are leveraging external wealth screening data. But how long will it take for nonprofit organizations of all sizes to follow their corporate counterparts into the […]

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Two Keys to Effective Storytelling in the Changing World of Fundraising

012015 story

There’s no denying that fundraising is an art. Inspiring donors, to support a cause, has always required organizations to tell great stories. However, storytelling is more than reporting facts and figures. Effective storytelling puts a face on the cause an organization supports. It emotionally attaches a person or organization to the mission. It personalizes the […]

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Are You Accurately Measuring Your Donor Retention Rates?

011915 measure

Retaining donors is essential to maintaining a healthy donor pipeline. Donor acquisition and reactivation start the process of filling the donor pipeline, but you’re going to need a strategy to keep donors from slipping through the cracks. How do you stop that from happening? Even if you haven’t noticed a leak, part of your job […]

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Week in Review: Fundraising Trends for 2015 and Beyond

WIR 010915

The fundraising world has changed dramatically over the past decade. 2014 even brought some unexpected changes and new trends (e.g. – The Ice Bucket Challenge) that have caused fundraising professionals to reconsider how to effectively engage donors. Now that 2015 is officially in full-swing, we want to highlight some of our favorite insights from across […]

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Essential Elements of a Culture of Philanthropy

011515 fulture of philanthropy

The phrase culture of philanthropy has become one of the hottest in the nonprofit world over the past few years. And today it’s not uncommon for a nonprofit leader or development director to talk about building one within their organization. However, what is uncommon is having the ability to collectively articulate what exactly that phrase […]

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2 Keys to Maintaining a Healthy Donor Pipeline in 2015


Donors bring passion to the causes they support. However, that enthusiasm fades fairly quickly when it isn’t managed. Stewardship done right means intentionally engaging your donors by the donor lifecycle milestones they’ve achieved. In other words, speak to them in terms of their experience, expectations, and needs. 2 Keys to Maintaining a Healthy Donor Pipeline […]

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Presentation: Four Trends That Will Reshape the Nonprofit Landscape

Earlier this month, Curt Swindoll had the opportunity to highlight four trends that are reshaping the nonprofit landscape with the Stanford Social Innovation Review. In case you missed it, here is an overview of Curt’s predictions and insights: The Future of Fundraising from Pursuant Trend #1: Nonprofits will engage donors face-to-face at every giving level […]

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4 Unique Ways to Evaluate Your Relationship with Donors

011215 4 unique ways

If you were to ask nonprofit leaders how confident they are about the strength of their relationships with donors, most would probably tell you they’re in a good place. But when it comes to defining the strength of your donor relations and reducing attrition, relying on intuition is a bad strategy. Part of setting up […]

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