Adjusting To A Different Calendar

A strange side effect of working in fundraising is the way it can impact your holidays. Thanksgiving jobs may start in August, and Christmas is suddenly a fall holiday. I remember walking into my office on September 11, 2001, thinking I would begin writing my clients’ Christmas newsletters that day. During my first years in [...]

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The Holiday Season!

I love the holiday season (Thanksgiving through New Year’s)! The cold weather, time with friends and family, shopping and gift giving, the sounds and smells, crowded roadways and shopping centers, and the lights are all elements that I completely enjoy this time of year. For me, it is always a time of year that lends [...]

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Leave a Legacy

Legacy. It’s an idea I’ve been taught my entire life. I come from a family that has instilled the ideals that you don’t just plan for what you’re doing now, but you always think ahead to the impact you can have in the future– regardless of if you are given credit. Take every opportunity where [...]

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Stepping Out on Faith

Both Families Together

With a rare form of Autoimmune Dysfunction and severe Autoimmune Induced Autism, my son Kevin has spent most of his life in and out of hospitals. Due to the unique nature of his diagnoses, doctors around the world have been anxious to include him in research studies and drug trials. This has led to travel [...]

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24 Days?!?

I was recently (and jarringly) reminded that less than 30 business days–24 to be exact–stand between me and a week of celebrating Christmas and ringing in the New Year! My first thought: Thank goodness! Vacation couldn’t come sooner enough! My second thought: 30 days…and I still have how many things left to be done?!? As [...]

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Inspiring the Philanthropic Spirit Can Be as Easy as Eggnog

Everyone has defining moments in their lives—moments that result in their traveling down one path or another. Sometimes the moment is obvious and dramatic; other times it’s much more subtle and inconspicuous. In fact, the gravity of the moment may not be fully realized until some distance and perspective has been gained. And even then [...]

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Rooting for the Home Team

Yijiao cheering on the Allen Americans

There’s something uniquely exciting about being a sports fan. Whether you’re in it for the roar of the crowd, or because you’re a fan of a particular athlete, sports is one of the few topics that can rally any room and ignite any conversation among strangers. Fun fact. When I’m not here at Pursuant working [...]

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Give Back to the Things That Shape You

Alpha Sigma Tau Southeastern Oklahoma State University Homecoming 2013

I’m a firm believer in giving back to the people and places that made you the person you are today. Parents, friends, pastors, schools, organizations, and countless others impact our lives along the road, and we must always remember to give back in order for these same influences to pass to the next generation. In [...]

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Athletics Fundraising – Where is Our Next Generation of Donors?

From Amanda's Seat at Notre Dame Stadium

As a student at Notre Dame, football games were as much a part of fall in South Bend as the changing leaves and the first snow. It was a given, a guarantee, that we would all put on “The Shirt” and faithfully show up at the stadium on Saturday. These days I turn on the [...]

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Who is Brad Andrews?

There are a number of talents required to pull together a great communication piece that will move a donor to support a cause. Data evaluation and sound strategy are needed for the creative execution to truly do its work. When a donor development strategy is brought to life visually and possesses the power to move [...]

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