The Secret Strategy for Resurrecting Your Nonprofit’s Annual Fund

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Nonprofits are facing a unique set of challenges when it comes to resurrecting their annual funds. For many, the pressure of getting their annual budget back to the level at which it first operated is overwhelming. But what if resurrecting your nonprofit’s annual fund wasn’t as hard to do as you first thought? What if […]

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INFOGRAPH: CASL vs. Can-Spam (and What it Means for Your Nonprofit)


Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation has raised a new set of questions and challenges for many nonprofit organizations. One of the questions I’ve received most from fundraising professionals wondering how the country’s new laws will impact their digital communications strategy is how CASL compares to the Can-Spam laws that most nonprofits are familiar with here in the […]

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Two Things Nonprofit Leaders Can Do When You Feel “Stuck”

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Do you feel like your nonprofit is missing out on an opportunity to make a significant impact because of the culture within the organization? Are their days when you feel stuck, wondering if you’re ever going to achieve your mission? As a leader, it’s important that you identify the reasons why your nonprofit isn’t gaining […]

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The Success of the Ice Bucket Challenge is… to be Determined?

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Over the past several weeks, fundraising professionals have watched in amazement as the ALS Association has raised more than $100 million from over 3 million donors through the Ice Bucket Challenge. For me, all of the excitement surrounding the Ice Bucket Challenge was exciting to see. It was evidence for the rest of the nonprofit world […]

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Report: 38% of Nonprofits Lack Technology to Track Donors

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Technology has made it easier than ever for nonprofits to track donations, manage donors, and enhance their fundraising communication strategy. However, the latest research indicates some noteworthy trends when it comes to how many nonprofits are actually leveraging technology to operate more effectively. The Latest Report on Technology, Donor Management, and Fundraising Software Advice recently […]

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Are Nonprofits Giving Donors What They REALLY Want?


Compelling content that connects with your audience is a critical aspect of any fundraising strategy.  Whether it’s a direct mail piece or a tweet, nonprofits are constantly looking to find ways to identify information their donors want and share it in a way that motivates them to take action. However, there’s a big difference between […]

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[INFOGRAPH] 5 Alarming Donor Retention Trends (And How to Overcome Them)

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Nonprofits are always searching for ways to acquire new donors. However, there is a serious dilemma happening behind the scenes and it’s causing organizations to lose out on potentially hundreds-of-thousands, if not millions, of dollars each year. 5 Alarming Donor Trends (And How to Overcome Them) In our latest infograph, we wanted to bring to light […]

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The USC One-Day Fundraising Campaign Named Top 20 By EverTrue

Pursuant is honored that the University of South Carolina’s “Cocky’s Countdown,” one day fundraising campiagn was recently recognized as one of the top 20 most innovative giving days concepts by Evertrue, a social donor management software company. Here is a look at this year’s recipients. Let’s just say that Pursuant and the University of South […]

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Introducing: Pursuant Labs

Whether you’re a recently hired gift officer struggling to learn how to engage donors, or a nonprofit leader trying to take your organization to the next level, you’re facing a unique set of challenges that only apply in the world of fundraising. Despite the feeling you get from seeing your hard work pay off, we […]

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5 Ways Nonprofits Can Improve Mobile Engagement

The most important shifts in nonprofit communications in the next five years will center around mobile technology. Let’s consider the facts: 58 percent of all American adults now own a smart phone. (Source)  79 percent of smartphone owners also use their devices to shop. (Source)  30 percent of consumers now read their email exclusively on mobile devices. […]

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