What’s Your Favorite Children’s Book?


Pursuant is proud to announce that The Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy is launching a new campaign today! During this campaign, Scholastic has agreed to donate 1 book for every vote cast for a favorite children’s book. Below is a personal reflection on the impact books and literacy programs have had on Alyssa Hays, […]

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No Guarantees with Big Data


“[A new advanced data metric] is really still just data. And it’s all about what you do with the raw data. In every athletic endeavor, there’s so much data thrown at us right now that, ultimately, it’s the process and what you do with it that matters.”* That is Oakland A’s General Manager Billy Beane […]

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How to Keep Your Donors for Life


“Three out of four first time donors will never make a second gift. In the nonprofit world, most donors are a one night stand.” Check out this post from Pursuant’s Vice President, Training, Rachel Muir over at the npENGAGE blog!

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4 Challenges Confronting Nonprofits That I’m Not Afraid to Share

Each week at Pursuant, we gather our consultants and account strategists together for quick team huddle. This 30 minute meeting is typically facilitated by one of our four Principals each week. This week, it was my turn in the rotation. I love these meetings because they provide us with opportunities (outside of client reviews and company […]

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Who is Devon Daniel?


Wealth of nonprofit experience? – CHECK! Impacting development programs for nearly two decades? – CHECK! Meet Devon Daniel. Pursuant is proud to announce that Devon joined our team a few months ago as an Associate Development Officer. With a servant’s heart, his passion for working with nonprofits is driven by seeing first-hand how donations can […]

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Getting My Start in the Nonprofit World


Helping people has always been a passion of mine.  Growing up, my parents took us to various charity events, and in high school, I was involved with a number of community service organizations.  It was not until college, though, that I realized the impact that charity, and more specifically, nonprofit work can have on individuals, […]

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The Donor Life Cycle

The secret to retaining and upgrading donors for life lies in honoring the profound changes that occur to our donor’s expectations after they make a gift. As fundraisers, we tend to think about our donor’s life cycle as a linear process: We identify the prospective donor. We research them to determine their linkage, interest and […]

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Five Best Practices You Should Adopt Today

We’re all searching for them. Call them Best Practices, Benchmarks or Trends, we’re all looking for the secret sauce, the safe choice, or the proven solution. That’s actually not a bad thing. The only problem is, we’re evolving into a cut and paste world, void of original thought, critical thinking, or patience for trial and […]

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What are Your Philanthropic Priorities?


I was traveling for business last month when I found myself at the dinner table with a group of industry professionals. Some were consultants, and some were on staff with different nonprofit organizations. Collectively, we represented various demographics of age, gender and race, and each of us carried the knowledge and experience of having served […]

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The Plan – What do we do with success and failure?

He sleeps!

My son, and first child, was born 3 weeks ago. Even if you’re not a parent you probably have some idea of the life changes my wife and I have encountered. We have a precious, mild-manner little boy, and yet he still finds opportunities to turn our lives upside down from time to time. It […]

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