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The Intelligent Fundraiser® Resources to Help You Work Smarter, Not Harder.
March 10, 2015 by
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Pursuant Acquires Fundraising Automation Software 2DIALOG

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Technology is nothing new to Pursuant. When Pursuant was founded in 2001, one of our primary goals was to help nonprofit leaders raise more money through online email and video strategy. Today, we’re incredibly excited to announce the next chapter in that journey to help nonprofit leaders leverage technology to reach more donors and raise more money.

On March 1st, Pursuant acquired 2DIALOG, a Texas-based fundraising automation software product suite for nonprofits.

Introducing 2DIALOG: Pursuant’s Newest Tool to Reach More Donors and Raise More Money

2DIALOG provides software solutions that help nonprofits overcome online and multichannel challenges with automated and integrated technology. The team at 2DIALOG has years of direct response marketing and fundraising experience and they have developed a software that includes a comprehensive set of online tools that empower nonprofit leaders to maximize multichannel effectiveness and improve donor response rates.

The powerful but easy-to-use email, peer-to-peer, landing page, and microsite tools help nonprofit leaders cultivate new donors, improve donor conversions, and raise more money in automated and measurable ways.

What Does This Mean for Pursuant & 2DIALOG?

We couldn’t be more excited about the ways 2Dialog will help improve Pursuant’s delivery of services and solutions. From automated direct response campaigns, landing pages, and payment tools to deeper observation insights gathered from the behaviors and interactions of your donors, we believe the tools 2Dialog provides will help us implement and activate the innovative fundraising solutions uncovered through our client strategy sessions.

At the same time, tools are only helpful when leaders understand how to accurately and consistently leverage them to achieve key organizational goals. For 2Dialog clients, we believe this opens the door to a world of new possibilities and opportunities to fund your mission and achieve your goals through better insights and experienced practitioners.

Pursuant plans to invest in 2DIALOG to enhance its sophisticated donor discovery and upgrade solutions as well as improve the comprehensive development of the platform.

“Adding 2DIALOG to our suite of technology-enabled services is consistent with our strategic growth and development plan to ensure nonprofit leaders are appropriately prioritizing donors as well as activating upgrade strategies to surface emerging and existing mid-level and major donors,” says Pursuant CEO Trent Ricker.

“When I founded 2DIALOG, I knew technology would help nonprofit leaders be more effective at creating change,” says 2DIALOG founder Dr. John E. Walvoord. “2DIALOG was a practical solution to a very real problem. It’s been exciting to watch it grow and develop over the years. I couldn’t be more excited about this acquisition. I believe Pursuant’s commitment to consulting services and technology-enabled tools will help 2DIALOG mature as a product and resource under the leadership of experienced and seasoned practitioners.”

Pursuant is committed to offering no interruption to current 2DIALOG clients. The software solution is available to all nonprofit leaders and agencies that need an enterprise-level fundraising and marketing automation engine.

Click here to read the full press release of Pursuant’s acquisition of 2DIALOG.

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Note: Current Pursuant or 2DIALOG clients can reach out to their primary contact if you have any questions about the acquisition or new opportunities it provides your organization.

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