The Pursuant KMA Story

Few organizations have served more Christian ministries and helped raise more money to advance the kingdom of God than Pursuant KMA.

Founded in 1984 by Tom McCabe (originally KMA Direct Communications), Pursuant KMA has a rich history in serving faith-based nonprofits, broadcast ministries, and conservative organizations. Our faith-driven approach to fundraising serves as the cornerstone of our organization, our traditional Christian values, and our overall commitment to excellence. We have taken an effective approach to serving Christian ministries and have led the charge in developing and delivering direct response solutions and strategic planning to help those organizations realize their God-given calling to ministry impact.

To extend its depth of service and continue as a pioneering organization, KMA Direct Communications became part of Pursuant in 2010. Pursuant represents a team of fundraising professionals that combine the latest technology, proven fundraising practices, and unique story telling capabilities to address fundraising from an integrated and holistic perspective. When matched with the proven (nearly 30 years) direct response expertise of KMA Direct Communications, the collective impact we offer faith-based organizations is incredible.

Today, Pursuant KMA operates as a seamless team, offering 900 combined years of fundraising experience and over 1400 years of general nonprofit experience to Christian organizations seeking leading fundraising services, a broad set of distinct strengths, and the ability to meet the ever-growing funding needs of ministry and conservative political organizations.

We are a faithful army of 145 professionals with experts in every fundraising discipline, including direct response, major gift development, digital fundraising, social media engagement, mid-level giving, and capital campaigns. We are strategically headquartered in Dallas, TX, able to serve our clients across the country with additional offices in Chicago, IL; and New York City, NY.

Pursuant KMA’s goal is to help good organizations do more good through more effective fundraising.

Pursuant KMA’s mission matches KMA’s historical focus: helping ministries. Our very name was chosen from the scriptural context of 2 Timothy 2:22: Flee the evil desires of youth and pursue righteousness, faith, love and peace, along with those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart.

Pursuant KMA Leadership Team

Client Partnerships

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Our Client Fundraising Stories

Pursuant Helps CitySquare Grow Year-End Results
Download the Full Case Study ▸
Pursuant Helps Awana International Boost Year-End Results
Download the Full Case Study ▸
Pursuant KMA helps Messianic Jewish Alliance of America Lift Dollars and Donations
Download the Full Case Study ▸
Pursuant Helps Awana International Generate Big Year-End Results
Download the Full Case Study ▸
Moody Reignites Donors’ Passion for Tuition-Paid Ministry Preparation
Download the Full Case Study ▸
Moody Virtual Marathon Draws Thousands of Supporters
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Buckner International
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Client Testimonials

Prior to working with Pursuant KMA, our direct mail program was on a steady decline. Almost immediately we stabilized and began to grow our donor base as well as our gift income. Pursuant KMA understands the heart of evangelical ministry and has helped us shape our message to reach loyal donors. They are insightful, up-to-date on current trends, and we are treated like family. Pursuant KMA is a powerful resource for Dallas Seminary. — Kim Till, Vice President for Advancement, Dallas Theological Seminary
We entrusted our reputation and financial health to Pursuant KMA’s wisdom and strategy and they came through! Not only did our supporters love the connection with Moody, they happily responded! We regained their support—some as long lapsed as five years—and solidified our relationship for the future. — Paul Currie, Manager for Donor Communications,
Moody Bible Institute/span>

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