Pursuant KMA
Pursuant KMA

Your work transforms lives. We want to help you transform more.

You want to do more, so you can reach more. Few organizations have served more Christian ministries and helped raise more money to advance the kingdom of God than Pursuant KMA.

Founded in 1984 by Tom McCabe (originally KMA Direct Communications), Pursuant KMA has a rich history in serving faith-based nonprofits, broadcast ministries, and conservative organizations. In 2010, KMA Direct Communications became part of Pursuant to extend its depth of service and continue as a pioneering organization.

Today, Pursuant operates as a seamless team, offering 900 combined years of fundraising experience and over 1400 years of general nonprofit experience to Christian organizations. We equip and empower faith-based ministries, advocacy groups, and para-church organizations with tools and strategies to help you activate the entire donor pyramid and move people to action.

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We offer expertise in a number of different ways, including.

Fundraising Strategy

Ideas that inspire breakthrough results.

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Donor Acquisition & Direct Response

Grow your base in a noisy world.

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Creative Agency

Design an experience that compels action.

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Develop your strategy with actionable insights.

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