Board of Directors

Peb Jackson


Currently, Peb focuses his energy on projects with both private sector and nonprofit organizations to maximize opportunities, develop leaders, and enhance relationships He serves as a liaison to business, government and entertainment leaders. Peb partners with organizations like CURE International, Catalyst, and Focus on the Family. He has pioneered practical work in Rwanda helping the reconciliation and recovery efforts including a film project, Rising from Ashes, that tells the story of Team Rwanda cyclists.

The highlights of his vast experience include serving as:

  • Vice President of Public Affairs with Rick Warren and Purpose Driven
  • Executive Vice President, Generous Giving, a Maclellan Foundation initiative promoting the principle of generosity
  • Senior Vice President of Public Affairs, Young Life, leading the development effort for of the 60-year-old outreach ministry to junior and senior high school students
  • Senior Vice President, & Founding Board Member, Focus on the Family, responsible for Development, Public Policy Activities and International Expansion
  • Spartan Oil Company Executive, developed shopping center complexes and mobile home parks and also co-founded Guttenberg’s Bookstore Café
  • President of J.D. Bradley Company, a public relations firm in Southern California
  • Director of Admissions and Financial Aid for Azusa Pacific University in South California
  • Co-Author of A Dangerous Faith and Danger CallingPeb enjoys the outdoors!

Cycling, fly-fishing, hunting, sailing and golf capture his free time. He lives in Colorado Springs and is, most importantly, married to Sharon, his wife of over 40 years.

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