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Nelson Mandela said, “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” Changing the world may not be impossible, but some days it feels like it. Challenges are vast: limited resources, increased competition, elevated donor expectations, high staff turnover, and an expectation for an annualized ROI–and that’s just to name a few.

At Pursuant, we believe that nonprofit leaders are uniquely equipped to change the world, and we’ve experienced firsthand the powerful impact that comes when those leaders apply Breakthrough.

In partnership with Gap International®, the organization that has spent the last four decades helping leaders transform organizations, we are charting a path to ensure more leaders are successful in changing the world by taking this powerful approach, and applying it to fundraising.

Breakthrough Fundraising: Achieve the Impossible with a New Way of Thinking

In this resource, Pursuant’s Kelley Stewart walks you through the process of Breakthrough Thinking step by step. In this content paper you will learn:

  • How Breakthrough Thinking can help you solve the challenges facing your organization
  • How to set a Breakthrough Outcome that ensures you reach far enough to achieve the seemingly unachievable
  • How to identify actionable strategies that will establish a Culture of Breakthrough in your organization to improve short and long-term outcomes

Download Breakthrough Fundraising today to learn how a new way of thinking could revolutionize your organization. Your mission is worth it.

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