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Listen in on conversations with forward-thinking fundraisers working to change the world through great causes. Along the way you'll learn tips and tricks for creating strategies that deliver on increased revenue and transformational donor connection. New episodes released weekly to semi-monthly.

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Trent Ricker - episode 2 industry trends

CEO Perspective: Industry Trends to Watch in 2022

In the influential book “Leaders Eat Last," author Simon Sinek opines, “We are not victims of our situation. We are the architects of it.”

Larger-than-life volatility has become a hallmark of our current “normal,” and it’s created challenges for leaders of business and nonprofits. As someone with a unique perspective into both realms, we knew we had to sit down with our CEO and president, Trent Ricker, to get his take on the challenges and opportunities facing our industry as we enter 2022. Ultimately, we have a say in what the future of fundraising looks like, no matter how uncertain the future may seem.

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