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Go Beyond Fundraising

The Podcast for Nonprofits

Listen in on conversations with forward-thinking fundraisers working to change the world through great causes. Along the way you'll learn tips and tricks for creating strategies that deliver on increased revenue and transformational donor connection. New episodes released weekly to semi-monthly.

Most Recent Episode

Go Beyond Fundraising AI with Trent Ricker

The Bold New Frontier of Artificial Intelligence

What if the key to transforming your fundraising efforts lies in a technology many fear? In this Go Beyond Fundraising Podcast episode, we explore the bold new frontier of artificial intelligence (AI).  

Allegiance Group + Pursuant's Chief Strategy Officer, Trent Ricker, considers the nuanced role of artificial intelligence in enhancing human connections. Rather than replacing personal interactions, AI can be a powerful tool to augment our ability to build and maintain deeper, more sincere relationships.  

Trent highlights the importance of leveraging technology to organize our lives better, prioritize effectively, and ultimately become more empathetic and attentive individuals. Join us for a thought-provoking conversation that explores how AI can help us achieve the very human goal of closer, more meaningful relationships between donors and nonprofit organizations. 

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