The Intelligent Fundraiser® Resources to Help You Work Smarter, Not Harder.
The Intelligent Fundraiser® Resources to Help You Work Smarter, Not Harder.
Tell a Better Story, Inspire More Action
June 19, 2017 Webinars
Tell a Better Story, Inspire More Action

Have you ever walked out of a movie theatre after watching a superhero film feeling like you could take over the world? Or did you ever feel a tightening in your throat after hearing someone share their story of overcoming incredible odds? The storytelling elicited a guttural reaction in you. Why?

Experiencing a well-told story moves humans in ways that a set of facts never will. That’s why storytelling is the heartbeat of fundraising.

But how do you find the right stories and tell them in such a way that inspires more action and greater generosity?

Webinar: Tell a Better Story, Inspire More Action

In this webinar, Pursuant’s Senior Vice President, Creative Director Andy Goldsmith and Vice President of Client Strategy, Alyssa Boger unpack how to find great stories and how to tell them for maximum impact.

During the webinar, Andy and Alyssa share:

  • Why storytelling is important for your organization’s growth
  • The elements of a great story
  • Case studies of organizations who used storytelling to incredible effect
  • How to create a culture of great story-gathering in your organization
  • Practical tips for adding storytelling to your fundraising messaging

Watch the Replay of Tell A Better Story, Inspire More Action to learn how excellent storytelling can help your organization inspire donors to action like never before.

Andy Goldsmith serves as senior vice president, creative director. Andy brings a passion for brands and an uncommon combination of expertise from both the for-profit and for-purpose worlds to his work at Pursuant. Prior to joining Pursuant, Andy was a principal architect of the American Cancer Society’s (ACS) widely praised “Official Sponsor of Birthdays” brand platform that transformed the way ACS engages with new and untapped audiences.

Alyssa Boger serves as vice president, client strategy at Pursuant. Working with organizations of varying size and purpose, she supports the creation of successful, comprehensive fundraising solutions across the donor pyramid. Driving positive growth for clients across all verticals, Alyssa’s client relationships are strengthened by her passion for data-informed strategies that inspire new and measured thinking.