Aligning resources to accelerate Kingdom impact.
Aligning resources to accelerate Kingdom impact.

There’s a better way to fund ministry.

Church giving is as much about people as it is about dollars. We equip church leaders with tools, insights, and coaching to cultivate generosity and grow disciples. Building on 40 years of history with RSI Campaign Services, we’ve developed a church giving engine that can be uniquely tailored and customized based upon the needs, size, and scope of every church we work with. You know your church is one of a kind. Shouldn’t your ministry funding plan be, too?

Client Success Story

Eagle Brook Church

Eagle Brook Church partnered with RSI as a long-term team member in leadership development. Eagle Brook now has a 5-campus multi-site ministry with over 20,000 attending. Over two campaigns (one to three years and one to two years in commitments) the church has committed over $46 million.

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More Success Stories in Churches

Four Churches Use Capital Campaigns to Fund More than Buildings

Pursuant’s RSI services have helped churches conduct campaigns for ministry projects other than buildings. In this case study, you’ll see how four growing churches in a variety of ministry settings used capital campaigns to increase each church’s capacity for outreach and to create life change. Click here to read the entire case study.

Three Churches Connect Growth In Budget Giving To Recent Capital Campaigns

Many churches have seen that a special giving emphasis actually had a positive impact on budget giving.We invite you to read why three church leaders attribute recent capital campaigns to a sustained budget giving increase along with spiritual growth and transformation among respective givers in the area of stewardship and generosity. Click here to read the entire case study.

Solutions implemented

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Within our churches vertical, we offer expertise in a number of different ways, including.

“RSI has become a great partner that has become a long-term team member in leadership development. They’ve done far more than just help us with the campaign. They’ve helped us with ministry.”
Scott Anderson
Eagle Brook Church

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