Standing in the gap between need and opportunity.
Standing in the gap between need and opportunity.

Reach donors who can help you change the world.

You chose to do work that makes a difference. The world needs people like you willing to stand in the gap to ensure everyone can live a life marked by dignity and pride. Every person deserves to be heard. The work is relentless and the effort is unending, but what keeps you going is that voice inside you that tells you it’s worth fighting for. You are not alone.

We have combined a unique set of ideas and strategies, driven by data, supported in technology, and wrapped in decades of experiences so you can know your work is making a difference.

Client Success Story


JDRF is the leading global organization funding Type 1 diabetes (T1D) research. We began with an immersive assessment of their fundraising program that identified key areas of growth potential so areas projected to have the greatest impact could be prioritized. Today, we have become a comprehensive partner with the organization, helping them identify and prioritize major donor prospects through our proprietary Prospector Platform, and cultivate donors through direct response services.

Solutions implemented
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More Success Stories in Health and Human Services

Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy

The Barbara Bush Foundation For Family Literacy faced a challenge acquiring new prospects, increasing awareness of their mission, and cultivating donors. Pursuant worked to develop a Social Acquisition campaign that leveraged a series of interactive social quizzes followed by a conversion campaign to cultivate new names into donors. The Foundation acquired over 48,000 names and raised $50,000 in less than a month.

Solutions implemented
Washington National Cathedral

As one of the nation’s most recognized religious institutions, the Washington National Cathedral is visited by hundreds-of-thousands of visitors every year. In 2012, the organization approached Pursuant to develop a campaign that would help them turn those visitors into donors. Over the past several years, we have partnered with Washington National Cathedral to acquire and upgrade donors through a variety of fundraising solutions and help them achieve greater results than ever before.

Solutions implemented

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