Changing lives changes everything.
Changing lives changes everything.

Your work transforms lives. We want to help you transform more.

You want to do more, so you can reach more. But the rules of the game keep changing and it’s hard to keep up. Our approach to helping ministries is grounded in 30 years of experience through KMA Direct Response Services. We equip and empower faith-based ministries, advocacy groups, and para-church organizations with tools and strategies to help you activate the entire donor pyramid and move people to action.

Client Success Story

Moody Bible Institute

48 Hours of Impact

Pursuant and Moody have partnered together over the past several years through various fundraising campaigns. For 48 Hours of Impact, Pursuant and Moody teamed up to launch a  multi-channel direct response effort to cultivate Moody Radio supporters to donate to the educational aspect of their mission, the Moody Bible Institute. The campaign generated over $692,000 more than the previous year.

Solutions implemented
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More Success Stories in Ministries

Buckner International

Pursuant partnered with Buckner International to refine their fundraising strategies in order to acquire new donors. Pursuant worked alongside Buckner to adapt their current direct response strategies. This change resulted in an increase of 106.8 percent increase in direct response growth over the previous year.

Solutions implemented

After several years of donor decline, FamilyLife partnered with Pursuant to revitalize their fundraising program. Through the implementation of best practices and innovative strategies, current donor retention increased 11 percent and new donor acquisition increased 12 percent over the previous year.

Solutions implemented
The Navigators

Pursuant partnered with The Navigators to implement Prospector Platform to create funding at the mid and major gift level for a new initiative by finding and upgrading donors within specific geographic markets (NYC, Detroit, Atlanta, Chicago). As a result, in the first month a $20,000 gift was secured from a previously unidentified major gift prospect. More than 60% of viewers watched the videos to completion. Prospector produced 178% over the goal for number of strong candidates for a gift solicitation.

Solutions implemented

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