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Accelerating Acquisition with Data-Driven Strategies

The Problem:

The Patient Access Network (PAN) Foundation exists to help underinsured patients get the medications and treatments they need by assisting with their out-of-pocket costs and advocating for improved access and affordability. Since 2004, PAN has provided nearly 1 million underinsured patients with over $3 billion in financial assistance — most of which was funded by contributions from major donors, grants, healthcare providers, and pharmacies.

In order to assist more patients, PAN decided to create an individual giving program and build a base of annual supporters.

How and where should they invest their acquisition resources to build program inertia and maximize the ROI? What type of message would resonate with potential donors? These were the questions PAN was looking to answer when they approached Pursuant.  

The Solution: Clarifying the Message through Data-Driven Insights

In 2018, PAN and Pursuant began working on a comprehensive plan that would help the foundation eliminate the guesswork and maximize their investment for creating an individual giving program.

The Pursuant Insights team conducted a Market Opportunity Analysis that allowed PAN to identify the key audiences to acquire. The analysis also pinpointed the specific messages that would inspire those potential donors to give. Because of this, PAN was able to identify which audiences, geographic markets, case for support messages, and communication channels would produce the greatest results before they began testing different campaigns.

Together, PAN and Pursuant used the findings from the Market Opportunity Analysis to build a crawl-walk-run approach for their digital fundraising program and deliberately scale their acquisition efforts.

PAN’s first ever digital acquisition campaign proved that taking the time to analyze the data in order to define the audience and message was worth it. This also allowed PAN to validate research conclusions in a low-risk environment.

Going Beyond: Scaling Acquisition for a Sustainable Future

By leveraging the insights from the Market Opportunity Analysis, PAN’s first-ever acquisition campaign created an incredible impact.

  • Increasing Engagement with Service Recipients: PAN received over 4,000 responses from service recipients, their families, and friends through a gratitude wall campaign.
  • Gathering Contact Information for Potential Donors: PAN acquired 5,374 email addresses of potential donors through an interactive quiz focused on education around the issue.
  • Increasing Brand Awareness: PAN leveraged paid social media to make more than 913,000 impressions through the quiz.
  • Convert New Names into Donors: PAN cultivated donations through a new name email series that generated more than $42,470 in revenue.

By using data-driven insights to define the direction for their individual giving program, PAN is now equipped with a comprehensive acquisition strategy. This knowledge will help them continue to build momentum for reaching more donors who are passionate about their mission.

"Our mission is to help people. Across the board, our campaigns with Pursuant effectively bring that mission to life. Their expertise and understanding of our goals have not only increased awareness about the importance of what we do but also have driven PAN to look into expanding resources to further help people. We continue to learn and grow thanks to Pursuant’s strategic thinking, execution and creative." 

                     - Leena Paul, Senior Director of Development at PAN Foundation


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