Project Management Institute Education Foundation

Reactivation Anniversary Campaign

The Problem:

Many donors to the Project Management Institute Educational Foundation (PMIEF) are PMI association members who add a nominal gift to their association membership renewal. Most of them may not see themselves as donors invested in the mission of PMIEF, so the result is often a high lapse rate and a low average gift.

The Solution:

Pursuant created an anniversary email sent to donors 30 days before the one-year anniversary of their last gift. The email is a celebration of the donor—complete with a fireworks GIF—and an update on what their gift has accomplished over the last year, accompanied by a renewal ask. So far, this drip series has seen an 8.2% response rate and raised the average gift by 25%.

Going Beyond:

By using a personal approach that reminded donors of their past generosity, Pursuant was able to create a novel strategy to encourage renewal. The email includes the proven practice of recapping the donor’s last gift amount and date but also celebrates what the donor and organization have accomplished together in a way that builds the relationship and helps the donor see themselves as a key part of the organization’s mission.

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