University of Alabama Athletic Foundation

Creating a Digital Movement for Fans

The Problem

The University of Alabama Athletic Foundation knew it had a highly engaged fan base that showed inclination for philanthropic support and a capacity to upgrade to a higher level of financial support, but it was not sure how to engage them.

The Solution

Pursuant’s team worked to provide a turnkey solution that would leverage the university’s broad-based national support to drive donors and dollars through an interactive marketing campaign known as Plant Your Flag.

The campaign was specifically designed to help Alabama acquire new donors, convert fans to philanthropists, and drive philanthropic revenue for the Alabama athletic program. Pursuant launched an acquisition campaign case for support utilizing “Built by Bama” language that would eventually tie into a fundraising campaign to motivate participants to give.

Going Beyond

Alabama's Plant Your Flag campaign spread across the nation as thousands of fans rallied together to show their support. As a result, the Foundation was able to add thousands of new names to their constituent base and create a viral movement in which fans were educated about the Foundation's incredible work.

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