Automate, Integrate, and Optimize
Automate, Integrate, and Optimize

Fundraising Automation

We live in a world that is noisier than ever. Your donors are bombarded with more than 3,000 advertising messages a day and there are more nonprofits competing for attention and donations than ever before. The only way to capture attention is to earn it.

2Dialog™ helps you discover the best and easiest ways to engage, cultivate, and convert donors who care about your cause.

How it Works


Automate Your Fundraising Efforts

2Dialog gives you the power to create entire fundraising campaigns, triggered by a single action, profile, or contact.

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Optimize Your Efforts with Personalization and Segmentation

2Dialog helps you effectively cultivate every donor across the pyramid by engaging them with the appropriate content and call-to-action based on their previous interactions with you.


Integrate Your Efforts with Actionable Data

2Dialog makes it easy for you to leverage real-time data through centralized dashboards, which provide actionable information on the trends, habits, and actions of your donors and supporters.

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2Dialog Success Story

The National Ovarian Cancer Coalition

The National Ovarian Cancer Coalition recently leveraged 2Dialog to track online donations during a year-end giving campaign. By gathering actionable data that provided insights into donor interests and sources of giving, NOCC was able to optimize future efforts. As a result, NOCC’s year-end giving increased 98 percent since switching to 2Dialog. Read more.

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