Find Major Donors Hidden in Plain Sight.
Find Major Donors Hidden in Plain Sight.

Donor Platform

There are many companies that provide information about donors. But when you have no way to act on that information, how beneficial is it really? Prospector is a systematic, data-driven donor lead generation solution designed to help you identify and prioritize your best major donor prospects through a combination of data analysis, creative storytelling, and coaching.

How it Works


The Donor Listening Platform

A proprietary algorithm that combines multiple data points into a single source of donor insights contextualized for your organization.

Pursuant Prospector

Pursuant Prospector



Multi-Channel Creative

Interact with prospective donors through personalized and segmented communications.


Actionable Insights

Receive ready-to-use lists tailored to the size and capacity of your major gifts team along with personalized coaching to maximize the impact.

Pursuant Prospector

Why waste another second worrying about meeting your fundraising goals?

Prospector Platform Success Story

March of Dimes

Launching a major gift program can be an overwhelming and daunting task, even for an organization like March of Dimes. Pursuant’s Prospector Platform enabled March of Dimes to efficiently identify the right donor prospects, those who not only had capacity to give more but were uniquely passionate about their cause. Leveraging the insights gathered, and personal guidance from the Pursuant team, March of Dime’s gift officers were positioned for success by ensuring their time was dedicated to cultivating the best possible donors.