Develop Your Strategy with Actionable Insights.
Develop Your Strategy with Actionable Insights.

Data Optimization

You have more information about your donors and the success of your fundraising efforts than ever before. How can you use it to achieve your goals by working smarter, rather than harder? That’s where SmartDATA can help.

How it Works


Get a clear and complete picture

SmartDATA provides a comprehensive overview of your fundraising efforts by eliminating silos and unifying all of your data into a standard format.

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Gather Insights to Build Your Strategy.

SmartDATA can run reports, segment lists, generate statistics for a presentation — whatever it takes to help your data work for you, rather than complicate your life.


Put Your Strategy Into Action.

SmartDATA reports enable you to discover patterns in your data that help you develop data-driven strategies for reaching donors and raising money.

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Why waste another second worrying about meeting your fundraising goals?