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Your job as a fundraiser isn't easy. That's why we want to help. We're proud to offer these ideas and best practices we’ve developed and learned, to assist you in reaching your goals. While we know that Pursuant is not for everybody, our team remains committed to making the industry better. If you see something you want to have a conversation about, let’s talk.


Becoming “Donor Obsessed” with Sangram Vajre

We sat down with account-based marketing expert Sangram Vajre to discuss the “secret sauce” behind using ABM tactics to deepen donor loyalty. Sangram is the co-Founder of Terminus, and author of “Account-Based Marketing for Dummies.” In our discussion, Sangram applies the timeless principles and powerful tactics of account-based marketing to major gift fundraising. You’ll learn:...

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Becoming “Donor Obsessed” with Sangram Vajre

Advizor Joins The Pursuant Group Family

DALLAS, TX MARCH 13, 2019 The Pursuant Group, a full-service platform of fundraising companies, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Advizor Solutions, a business intelligence platform and service provider based in Downers Grove, located in the greater Chicago area. This move represents The Pursuant Group’s continued effort to invest in data-driven, technology-enabled solutions for...

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Advizor Joins The Pursuant Group Family
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