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Your job as a fundraiser isn't easy. That's why we want to help. We're proud to offer these ideas and best practices we’ve developed and learned, to assist you in reaching your goals. While we know that Pursuant is not for everybody, our team remains committed to making the industry better. If you see something you want to have a conversation about, let’s talk.

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Fast Nonprofit Growth: Stealing From The Startups

It’s hard to keep up with rapidly changing donor expectations and behaviors. As a nonprofit leader, it can be hard to spin all of the plates and at the same time think about how to scale and grow your organization. In this resource, we take some of the secrets of the fastest growing startups and...

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Fast Nonprofit Growth: Stealing From The Startups

Use Events As A Relationship Catalyst

Fundraising events. Just about every nonprofit conducts some sort of fundraising event whether it be a gala, a walk, an endurance event, a golf tournament, etc. Events are a great way to introduce new people to your mission, but all too often the relationship end at the event. So we sat down to talk about...

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Use Events As A Relationship Catalyst
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