Sample Stewardship Plan: How to Move a First Time Gift to a Major Gift

Adopting business rules to make sure that every gift is properly thanked and your donors are meaningfully cultivated is critical to your success to retain and upgrade donors and build your major gift pipeline.  Let this sample template inspire you to create your own business rules to build a stewardship plan that gets results.   The more you prepare in advance and set these up as part of a process the easier these are to implement.

For example, you can stock up on thank you cards with powerful images of your programs at work and inspirational copy already prepared before the busy end of year season.  You can also schedule 5 minutes in your board agenda for your board chair or board members to make thank you calls or sign thank you cards.   Many reserve prime attention for their most generous donors and while they are certainly worthy of that it’s important to remember that our lower level donors don’t know what kind of special attention might be waiting for them at higher gift levels.

This sample stewardship plan will provide you with an outline for how you can build and implement a stewardship program that will help cultivate your next generation of major donors. Download this resource now!

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