You need a compass. Not a map.
You need a compass. Not a map.

Capital Campaign & Major Gift Services

The fundraising world has changed, especially the way organizations are approaching capital campaigns and major gift initiatives.

Pursuant’s innovative approach to campaign counsel combines more than 100 years of Ketchum Services experience with modern data-driven techniques to drive significant transformation during major gift campaigns.

Our goal is to help you build a financially stable fundraising platform and a sound major gift program as you work to achieve your specific goals.

How We Work with You

Here are a few ways Pursuant can help you navigate the changing landscape of campaign fundraising or help kickstart your major gift program:


Data Analysis and Organizational Assessment

We work to maximize the resources you invest by developing a plan of action that starts with data.


Case Development

We can help you craft a compelling vision and messaging plan that will effectively inspire donors to give.


Major Donor Prospecting

Through our Prospector Donor Platform ™, we can help you identify and prioritize donors with the the greatest potential to support your campaign.


Staff and Volunteer Coaching

We can work with you throughout the campaign by providing counsel and coaching your team through specific fundraising challenges.


Nonprofit Board Development

We can help you train and equip your board with tools to better engage and cultivate potential donors.


Planned Giving

We can help you identify people most likely to respond to a planned-giving discussion and offer advice on how to approach them.

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“We proudly embrace both our legacy – having served as campaign fundraising council for more than a century, and our present – as innovators focused on helping organizations deploy technology-driven, fundraising strategies that drive breakthrough outcomes for our clients.”
Kelley Stewart, Executive Vice President, Principal

Pursuant Resources

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