Reach more donors in an increasingly noisy world.
Reach more donors in an increasingly noisy world.

Donor Acquisition & Direct Response

New donors are the lifeblood of every nonprofit organization. How do you earn attention and bring in new donors in an increasingly noisy world? Pursuant’s innovative acquisition strategies and direct response services have helped organizations effectively reach thousands of new donors and create an experience that’s personal, memorable, and inspiring.

How We Work with You

Here a few ways we can help you acquire donors through direct response strategies:


Direct Mail Services

Our team can help you reach donors by leveraging best practices learned from decades worth of direct mail experience.


Digital Fundraising Campaigns

Our Social Acquisition strategies can help you create a “viral” experience to reach new donor prospects.


Search Engine Marketing

We can help you reach donors who don’t even know you exist through search engine marketing and optimization.


Social Media & Content Marketing

We can help you monetize your efforts and empower your most powerful advocates to work on your behalf.


Direct Response Television

We can help you transform this acquisition method and see a positive ROI from your DRTV campaigns.


Catalytic Events

We specialize in “viral” acquisition campaigns that can add tens-of-thousands of donor prospects in less than two weeks.

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“Fundraising is experiencing a transformation with new challenges. Today’s nonprofit leaders must be proactive in addressing these trends. We believe that requires new thinking.”
Curt Swindoll, Executive Vice President, Principal

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