We can chart your course. Then help you get there.
We can chart your course. Then help you get there.

Fundraising Strategy

The fundraising world is rapidly transforming. The challenges you face have never been greater. There are two options: work harder or think differently. We want to build on the timeless principles with ideas and tools that match today’s complex realities.

Our goal is not to try and cram your organization into our predefined box. Instead, we collaborate with you to successfully navigate your most pressing challenges and opportunities.

How We Work with You

Our Intelligent Fundraising process involves four steps:



Charting a new course starts by understanding where you are. Our process helps you discover the right direction through comprehensive data analysis.



Evaluating the actionable insights within the context of your organization and goals, we then use it to develop a customized action plan.



We analyze the outcome – and then we apply those lessons to help you achieve even better results in the future.



We report and evaluate your results. We analyze the outcome to see what we can learn – and then we apply those lessons to help you achieve even better outcomes in the future.

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“We believe an organization cannot achieve exceptional results without thinking differently. Intelligent Fundraising is about finding a smarter way to reach more donors and raise more dollars.”
Rebecca Segovia, Executive Vice President, Client Strategy

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