Strengthen relationships to accelerate your impact.
Strengthen relationships to accelerate your impact.

Stewardship & Donor Upgrade

Do you have a plan for cultivating lifelong donors and upgrading supporters who have the capacity to give more? Our proven stewardship and donor upgrade solutions can help you improve retention, foster lifelong relationships with your donors, upgrade general fund donors to greater levels of commitment, and build a sustainable donor pyramid for future fundraising efforts.

How We Work with You

Here are a few ways Pursuant can help you build stronger relationships and upgrade donors:


Multi-channel Stewardship Services

Our comprehensive multi-channel solutions can help you cultivate and convert donors effectively.


Donor Prioritization

Through our Prospector Analytics™, we can help you identify and prioritize those donors with the the greatest potential to be upgraded.


Gift Officer Performance Coaching

Through training sessions and ongoing counsel, our coaches help you work smarter to multiply year-over-year results.


Journey Mapping

We can help you craft exceptional experiences that help you capture a donor’s attention and heart.

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“Pursuant is exactly the type of partner we needed to help us navigate through the challenges we faced.”
Sterrin Bird, SVP and Chief Development Officer, CFRE
March of Dimes

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