Go Beyond Transactional

Strategic solutions, relationship focus

The world is changing rapidly and you are a change-maker with a big mission. You're continuously being asked to raise more dollars with fewer resources. We can help you not just survive, but thrive.

What do you need to change the world?


Acquire new donors

Let's put the donor at the center.

Acquire new donors
Connect with donor motivations

Before jumping into strategy recommendations, we first take a deep look at your data and then create an approach to deepen connections.

Strengthen engagement

Build an integrated, multi-channel program upon the insights we glean from your donor file.

Understand your donors

Get to know your donors and what makes them tick.

Understand your donors
See the big picture

Get a real-time snapshot of your file and uncover where the bucket may be leaking.

Discover untapped opportunities

Identify areas for growth, then put a plan into action.

Retain your donors

Cultivate relationships to keep your supporters engaging again and again.

Retain your donors
Unlock donor motivations

Understand the connection and passion that drives your donors to support you

Speak to the right people at the right time with the right message

Effective segmentation to ensure the best donor experience

Develop mid and major donors

Strengthen your relationships, build a financially stable fundraising model, and drive significant transformation that lasts beyond a campaign.

Develop mid and major donors
Campaign counsel

Develop a custom approach to fit your needs and execute upon a integrated strategy

Mid-level and major gift prospecting

Discover new major donors and move mid-level donors up the donor pyramid

Increase digital engagement

Optimize digital experiences to keep your donors engaged and telling your story to their networks.

Increase digital engagement
Stand out in the crowd

Design "thumb-stopping" campaigns that strengthen your brand and extend your reach.

Grow your online revenue

Meet donors where they are and make it easy to both give and engage in online channels.

Integrate campaigns across channels

Optimize your investments through integrated, omnichannel relationship fundraising.

Integrate campaigns across channels
Custom-tailor the experience to the donor

Integrated, multi-dimensional campaigns that meet each unique donor where they are.

Stay top-of-mind

Be consistently in front of your donors across all communication channels.

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