Solutions to help you work smarter, not harder.
Solutions to help you work smarter, not harder.

Our Solutions

Solutions solve problems. Our solutions have been built to help you overcome the specific challenges you face by working smarter, not harder.

As your challenges have become more complex, our solutions have matured. We are ready and equipped to walk with you into the future of fundraising. We intentionally acquired companies and hired talented fundraising professionals to become a comprehensive agency. As technology evolved, we continued to enhance our data-driven strategies and develop technology-enabled solutions. The result is a collection of professional services and fundraising tools that make Pursuant unlike any other agency.

Working smarter, not harder is at the core of everything we do. It drives each of the solutions we offer, solutions which have been field-tested and proven by leaders like you.

Professional Services

You need a compass, not a map.

You recognize that fundraising is experiencing a transformation. We believe an organization cannot achieve exceptional results without thinking differently. Our team has the experience to guide you with ideas that inspire breakthrough results.


Ideas that inspire breakthrough results.

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Design an experience that compels action.

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Capital Campaign & Major Gift Services

Navigate uncertainty with an experienced guide.

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Stewardship & Donor Upgrade

Cultivate relationships to build capacity and increase commitment.

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Donor Acquisition & Direct Response

Grow your base in a noisy world.

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Analytics &

Discover a Path to Achieve Your Goals

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Fundraising Tools

Work smarter, not harder.

Technology has provided a new way to overcome the challenges you face everyday. Our technology-enabled solutions are developed by fundraisers for fundraisers. Each tool was designed to equip you with the accessibility and adaptability you need to achieve your specific goals.

Donor Platform

Identify and prioritize your best prospects.

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Data Optimization

Develop your strategy with actionable insights.

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