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Melissa Nulf

Director, Client Services

Melissa serves as Director of Client Services and Project Management. She brings a wealth of process and efficiency experience to the Pursuant Services team. Melissa ensures that our client work is accomplished on time and on budget. With more than 12 years’ experience project managing clients and the agency, Melissa can maximize an organization’s time and budget by fostering collaboration and communication across the departments. Melissa has experience serving many types of nonprofits and has worked directly with almost all of Pursuant’s partners.

Why do you do what you do?
Very little gives me more of a sense of success and accomplishment than to see a job well done. Being able to do that while also serving others in the nonprofit space is icing on the cake. My joy comes from being able to squeeze the most product out of the least amount of time and money, thus ensuring that more funds are going back to the organization’s cause.

When I’m not Fundraising, I'm usually…
On an adventure with my husband and our son, drinking coffee to keep up with said son, or sitting around a table with family and friends.

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