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Sucharita Otta

Vice President, Analytics

With over 14 years of Analytics and Business Intelligence experience, Sucharita Otta (Suchi) joined  Pursuant in 2017 as part of our Analytics, Insights, & Experience team. In her role, she ensures analytic solutions are designed and delivered with excellence and contribute to the fundraising effectiveness of the clients we serve. Her core competencies are in the collection, integration, analysis and dissemination of customer and campaign insights.

Prior to joining Pursuant, Suchi was the Global Director of Analytics at Arnold Worldwide, a well established advertising and creative agency in Boston. Her work was focused to help grow the digital and social analytics portfolio to drive better media campaign optimization. She also helped standardize attribute driver analysis for some of the leading brands. Some of her clients at Arnold were Angie’s List, CenturyLink, Carnival Cruise Lines and Progressive insurance.

In addition to agency experience, Suchi has a wealth of experience in non-profit analytics. She led the marketing analytics team at the American Cancer Society (ACS). Under Suchi’s leadership, the analytics team helped in the relaunch of ACS’ direct mail acquisition and conversion program. She also successfully established campaign analytics as a portfolio in ACS and helped grow the digital analytics body of work. In her career spanning 8 years at ACS, Suchi has provided both the data and insight to inform critical business decisions related to the Society’s signature fundraising activities. She was instrumental in building the first multichannel campaign dashboard in ACS, providing 360-degree view on key customer segments, sharing and socializing campaign performance of advertising campaigns for better optimization.

Prior to joining ACS, Suchi designed data marts and created campaign response reports for the database and online marketing teams at Apple. She has presented at multiple conferences and under Suchi’s leadership, her team at ACS received the Google Analytics Award of Excellence in 2015. Suchi has a Masters in Computing from the University of Utah.

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