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Parker Golson

Parker Golson

Account Manager

Parker is a marketing and operations professional with a strong four years of agency experience under his belt. Since starting his career in all-things digital, Parker has run the gamut of the marketing game — from project management to crafting full-fledged strategies. His professional ecosystem has been built in predominantly female-led and diverse work environments. With a deep exposure to cross-media marketing and a passion for powering client relations, his previous role has seen him generate project successes with both collaboration and EQ at the forefront.

Why do you do what you do?

Collaboration and seeing the tangible results of team-wide efforts keeps me going. Since having grown a focus in digital marketing management, with a background in psychology and statistics, I have cultivated a passion for coupling mission-driven, synergetic companies to the groups or entities that need their empowerment most.

When I’m not fundraising, I’m…

Taking in the Central Texas heat (or rain), as a proud Longhorn and Austinite, while finding joy in good design, getting outside, and grabbing great bites to eat with great people.