Go beyond the numbers

Deeper insights, better experience

At Pursuant, we believe in unlocking the why behind the numbers and understanding what drives your donors to engage with your brand. Our Analytics, Insight and Experience practice goes beyond information and focuses on helping you take action. We partner with you to discover new opportunities and challenge existing beliefs through in-depth analysis and data-informed insights that only our specialized data analysts can provide. With a focus on driving business value, our products and services are designed to equip you with Action Plans that help you put those insights to work — from quick wins to long-term solutions that sustain growth.

Start With A Snapshot

Start With A Snapshot

The 3D Assessment will help you to know your numbers…with insight on trends and how they impact your organization’s potential for growth.

Get a Clear & Complete Picture of Your File

Analyze the current state of revenue and lifecycle migration of your donor base.

Find Untapped Opportunities & Develop A Plan

Identify hidden obstacles and new opportunities for achieving your goals.

Right Message, Right Time For the Right Donor

Right Message, Right Time For the Right Donor

Strategic Segmentation allows you to get inside the minds of your diverse donors and develop a plan to cultivate them.

Unlock donor motivations

Discover the passions and needs that drive donor action.

Identify your most valuable donor clusters for greater ROI

Pinpoint top 3-5 clusters with key characteristics, giving opportunity and motivations - then map a plan.

Donor Experience Is Everything

Donor Experience Is Everything

Journey Mapping deconstructs the current experience of donors and envisions an ideal donor experience to create a closer connections.

Meet Your Donors Where They Are

Map donor feelings at each stage of their experience with your brand and uncover areas within your organization that can positively impact that experience.

Prioritize Initiatives & Take Action

Identify and prioritize the gaps between the current and ideal experience for your donors and build a plan to address them and measure the impact.

Tap Into New Markets

Tap Into New Markets

Market Opportunity Analysis eliminates the guesswork in constituent acquisition and discovers your best opportunities for growth.

Bring Focus to Your Acquisition Efforts

Identify markets with the greatest potential to support your organization and assess the risks and advantages of investing to capture that potential.

Quantify Potential Growth Before You Invest

Using market research and analysis, calculate the potential revenue for each market before you launch.

Bring New Donors Into Your Circle

Bring New Donors Into Your Circle

Donor Prioritization turns wealth and propensity data into actionable insights you can use to cultivate your BEST donor prospects.

Identify Donors with Capacity AND Interest

Discover valuable donors who might be overlooked with traditional wealth screening.

Prioritize Your Portfolio

Maximize internal resources with actionable insights on how to best engage and upgrade donors.

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