Go beyond the surface

Thoughtful planning, expert coaching

By combining tried-and-true principles with modern data-driven techniques, we can help you deepen constituent relationships, build a financially stable fundraising model, and drive significant transformation that lasts beyond a campaign.

Experienced Coaches

Experienced Coaches

Our campaign counsel coaches have walked in your shoes and can guide you to take you where you want to go.

Customized Counsel based on Your Needs

By offering a variety of campaign counsel services, we provide a solution that scales with your unique needs.

Discover New Opportunities with Data-Driven Insights

Identify potential major & mid-level prospects that have capacity and propensity to make a significant gift.

Relationship Focused

Relationship Focused

With a focus on relationship building, take your donors on the journey with you.

Move Your Biggest Fans Up The Pyramid

Maximize internal resources with a deeper understanding of how to best engage and upgrade mid-level and major donors.

Know Who will Give If Asked

Predict a donor’s probability to increase their giving with pinpoint accuracy.

Plan For The Future

Plan For The Future

Combine quantitative data and qualitative research to eliminate the guesswork for your campaign.

Go Beyond Financial Feasibility

Evaluate your entire donor environment including organizational infrastructure, community support, and leadership availability.

Discover What Will Motivate Donors

Identify the programs, projects, and messages that will generate the greatest interest among constituents.

Develop Your Team

Develop Your Team

Create and implement a customized talent development program to address your specific challenges.

Assess Internal Resources and Capabilities

We provide an objective evaluation of your program to uncover your greatest opportunities for growth.

Empower Gift Officers with Customized Coaching

We create a customized training program to address your organization’s needs and goals.

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