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Thomas Reece

Thomas Reece

Database developer

Thomas Reece joined the Pursuant Development team in 2022 as a database developer. Thomas recently graduated from Kansas State University with a degree in computer science and an emphasis in machine learning and data analytics. He brings valuable elements of programming to the table with emphasis in machine learning and data analytics. Thomas has experience using predicated models to match predictions and deducing the next highest profitable move.

Why do you do what you do?

Technology is going to continue to evolve and revolutionize how society functions. I believe that it is our responsibility to monitor how we progress and to see that the ethicality of society is upheld as these steps are taken. Not only should we ensure that this ethical standard is carried out, but technology and computers can be extremely beneficial when used proficiently as well as appropriately, and I wish to help administer and be a part of that process.

When I’m not working, I’m…

I enjoy making and listening to music. I play guitar, piano, and I’m fairly familiar with a few digital audio workstations that I enjoy recording in. Playing with my friends, attending concerts, and even just listening to new music when it comes out are constantly on my schedule week in and week out. I am also a big soccer fan and like to invest my free time into playing with my friends from university. Hopefully down the line, I will get to take my skills to the coaching side of things!